Modeling of linear programming for electrical energy generation power plant:an application of economic optimization approach

Sukono Sukono, Sudradjat Supian, Eman Lesmana, Jumadil Saputra, Boy Bagja Nugraha, Abdul Talib bin Bon


PT. KDLC Indonesia has five units of electrical energy generators with a total capacity of 400 MW. Each unit consists of one Boiler and one Turbine Generator. All fiveunits are using a manifold system that makes the Boilers and Turbine Generators from different units able to operate interchangeably. This paper studies how to determine a combined path of an optimum electricity production activity using Linear Programming method.It is suggested some steps, as well, that can be run to solve a problem with the help of POM software during the calculation process. According to Linear Programming, an optimum generation pattern is influenced by the demand factor, production capacity, raw material stock, operational cost, and efficiency of every unit. With an optimum combination of those aspects, the need of raw materials for each operating unit will be found out; in this way, therefore, a continuous and steady supply of raw materials can be maintained,and eventually an optimum electrical energy generating process finally results.


Electricity Production; optimum generation; Linear Programming; POM software


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