Triple layer image security using bit-shift, chaos, and stream encryption

Ajib Susanto, De Rosal Ignatius Moses Setiadi, Eko Hari Rachmawanto, Ibnu Utomo Wahyu Mulyono, Christy Atika Sari, Md Kamruzzaman Sarker, Musfiqur Rahman Sazal


One popular image security technique is image encryption. This research proposes an image encryption technique that consists of three encryption layers, i.e. bit-shift encryption, chaos-based encryption, and stream encryption. The chaos algorithm used is Arnold's chaotic map, while the stream cipher algorithm used is RC4. Each layer has different cryptology characteristics in order to obtain safer image encryption. The characteristics of cryptology are permutation, confusion, diffusion, and substitution. The combination of the proposed encryption method aims to secure images against various attacks, especially attacks on statistics and differentials. The encryption method testing is done by various measuring instruments such as statistical analysis, i.e. entropy information, avalanche effect, and histogram, differential analysis, i.e. UACI and NPCR, visual analysis using PSNR and SSIM, and bit error ratio. Based on the results of experiments that the encryption method that we propose can work excellently based on various measurement instruments. The decryption process can also work perfectly this is evidenced by the ∞ value based on PSNR, and zero value based on SSIM and BER.


Arnold chaotic maps; Cyclic bit-shift; Hybrid encryption; Rivest cipher; Super-encryption

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