Graphene/PSMA composite for gas sensing application

Hanis Camelia Muhar, Noor Syazwana Sahar, Fauzan Khairi Che Harun, Nurul Ashikin Abdul-Kadir


This paper presents the fabrication of conducting polymer sensor which comprise of graphene-poly styrene-co-maleic acid (PSMA) composite that responds to volatile organic compound (VOC) via a change in the electrical resistance of the sensors. Five sensors composed of different material ratio were fabricated to find out the most prominent weight percentage ratio (wt %) for optimum sensor response. Those materials were deposited onto silver electrode using drop-casting method. NI Card PCIE-6323 measures the voltage obtained from the sensor circuit and the resistance of the gas sensor monitored using LabVIEW instrument. It was observed from the experiments that combination of 60% graphene and 40% PSMA gives the highest sensor response.


Conducting polymer; E-nose; Gas sensor; Graphene; Volatile organic compound

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