Interference mitigation using antenna selection for the heterogeneous networks

Adel Khaled, Sally Hassaneen, Salah ElAgooz, Heba Soliman


A Rapid increase in the wireless internet-based applications led to an enormous increase in wireless data rates. Intensification of future wireless networks faces a great challenge to meet such growing demand for payload data. A suggested solution that can be used to resolve this issue is to overlay small cell networks with macro cell networks to provide higher network capacity and better coverage. Small cell networks experience large interference from macro cell base stations (BSs) making data rates received by the small cell users not reliably. In this paper, an antenna selection scheme based on small cell user’s (SCU) channel gain is proposed. Whereas, the two tiers use the same network bandwidth resources; the macro BS selects a subset of antennas which has a minimum interfering effect to the SCU based on a pilot sent from SCU to macro cell. The proposed selection scheme has been compared with convex optimization antenna selection scheme. Simulation results show that the SCU data rates are significantly improved using proposed scheme. Execution time required for antenna selection is reduced significantly using the proposed scheme.


Antenna selection; Channel gain; Heterogeneous networks; Massive MIMO; Small cell BSs



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