Hardware-in-the-loop based comparative analysis of speed controllers for a two-mass system using an induction motor drive with ideal stator current performance

Vo Thanh Ha, Tung Lam Nguyen, Vo Thu Ha


A comparative study of speed control performance of an induction motor drive system connecting to a load via a non-rigid shaft. The nonrigidity of the coupling is represented by stiffness and damping coefficients deteriorating speed regulating operations of the system and can be regarded as a two-mass system. In the paper, the ability of flatness based and backstepping controls in control the two-mass system is verified through comprehensive hardware-in-the-loop experiments and with the assumption of ideal stator current loop performance. Step-by-step control design procedures are given, in addition, system responses with classical PID control are also provided for parallel comparisons.



Backstepping; Field oriented control; Flatness-based control; Hardware-in-the-loop; Speed control

DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v10i2.2370


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