The robust counterpart open capacitated vehicle routing problem with time windows on waste transport problems

Evi Yuliza, Fitri Maya Puspita, Siti Suzlin Supadi


The optimum route for garbage transport vehicles is restricted by vehicle capacity and time windows that the garbage transport vehicle starts at the origin and does not return to the origin. The problem of transporting waste routes is a robust optimization problem where the amount of waste in an area and travel time is uncertain. In the real world, traffic jams and vehicle engine damage can cause delays. This paper proposes the robust counterpart open capacitated vehicle routing problem (denoted by RCOCVRP) with soft time windows model. The aim of RCOCVRP with soft time windows model is to find schedule and optimum route of transporting waste. This model calculation uses LINGO software and GAMS software. Finally for the evaluation of the RCOCVRP model with soft time windows on the proposed waste transportation problem is conducted so that it hasa feasible solution.


GAMS; LINGO; RCOCVRP model; Soft time windows; Waste transportation

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