Application of Content Based Image Retrieval in Digital Image Search System

Syamsul Yakin, Tasrif Hasanuddin, Nia Kurniati


Multimedia data is growing rapidly in the current digital era, one of which isdigital image data. The increasing need for a large number of digital imagedatasets makes the constraints faced eventually drain a lot of time and causethe process of image description to be inconsistent. Therefore, a method isneeded in processing the data, especially in searching digital image data inlarge image dataset to find image data that are relevant to the query image.One of the proposed methods for searching information based on imagecontent is Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR). The main advantage ofthe CBIR method is automatic retrieval process, compared to traditionalkeyword. This research was conducted on a combination of the HSV colorhistogram methods and the discrete wavelet transform to extract colorfeatures and textures features, while the chi-square distance technique wasused to compare the test images with images into a database. The resultshave showed that the digital image search system with color and texturefeatures have a precision value of 37.5% - 100%, with an average precisionvalue of 80.71%, while the percentage accuracy is 93.7% - 100% with anaverage accuracy is 98.03%.


Chi-square distance; Content based image retrieval; Digital image search; Discrete wavelet transforms; HSV color histogram



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