Optimum speed controller structure utilizing the MCA approach

Khulood Moosa Omran, Basil Hani Jasim, Kadhim H. Hassan


In this paper, an optimal speed controller for dc motor is considered using a PID controller and tuned its parameters of gain to offer an optimal solution by using a modified camel algorithm MCA approach. The proposed MCA scheme was applied to solve the difficulty of getting the optimum gains of PID parameters. The MCA has good evolutionary speed with the simple construction of optimization depend on camel searching performance. The characteristics of the MCA algorithm were confirmed by optimizing the gains parameters of proportional, integral, derivative PID controller. The performance of PID-MCA is comparing with a classic PID controller enhanced with GA genetic algorithm optimization method to tune the gain parameters of the speed controller system. It was shown that the utilize of optimization processes indicated better performance for the MCA procedure in term of speed of execution and the size of memory compared with the GA method by applying computer simulations analysis. The proposed scheme has an efficient feature that includes the ease of implementation, good efficiency of computational performances with stable convergence characteristics. The results indicated that the proposed MCA scheme is a useful tool for search ability, produced efficient outcomes compared with the GA optimized method when applied in the proposed system.


GA approach; MCA approach; Optimal control; Optimization methods; PID control; Speed control

DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v10i2.2733


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