Microscopy Images segmentation algorithm Based on Shearlet Neural Network

Nemir Ahmed Al-Azzawi


Microscopic images are becoming important and need to be studied to know the details and how-to quantitatively evaluate decellularization. Most of the existing research focuses on deep learning-based techniques that lack simplification for decellularization. A new computational method for the segmentation microscopy images based on the shearlet neural network (SNN) has been introduced. The proposal is to link the concept of shearlets transform and neural networks into a single unit. The method contains a feed-forward neural network and uses a single hidden layer. The activation functions are depending on the standard shearlet transform. The proposed SNN is a powerful technology for segmenting an electron microscopic image that is trained without relying on the pre-information of the data. The shearlet neural networks capture the features of full accuracy and contextual information, respectively. The expected value for specific inputs is estimated by learning the functional configuration of a network for the sequence of the observed values. Experimental results on the segmentation of two-dimensional microscopy images are promising and confirm the benefits of the proposed approach. Lastly, we investigate on a challenging dataset ISBI 2012 that our method (SNN) achieves superior outcomes when compared to classical and deep learning-based methods.


Shearlet transform; Image segmentation; Electron microscopy image; Convolutional neural network; Machine learning

DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v10i2.2743


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