ASSAS: An Automatic Smart Students Attendance System Based on Normalized Cross-Correlation

Ruaa H. Ali Al-Mallah, Dheyaa Alhelal, Razan Abdulhammed


A Smart Student Attendance system (SSAS) is presented in this paper. The system is divided into two phases: Hardware and software. The Hardware phase is implemented based on Arduino's camera while the software phase is achieved by using image processing with face recognition depended on the cross-correlation technique. In comparison with traditional attendance systems (roll call, and sign-in sheet) the proposed system is faster and more reliable (Because there is no action needed by a human being who by its nature makes mistakes). At the same time, it is cheaper when compared with other automatic attendance systems. The proposed system provides a faster, cheaper and reachable system for an automatic smart student attendance that monitors and generate attendance report automatically.


Cross-correlation; Face recognition; Attendance system; Normalization; Arduino



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