Robust large Image Steganography Using LSB Algorithm and 5D Hyper-Chaotic System

Jinan N. Shehab, Hussein A. Abdulkadhim, Taqwa F.H. Al-Tameemi


This paper contains a robust hiding system proposed to hide and reconstruct efficiently a large size secret image based on merging encrypting and hiding. This approach deals with a video utilized as a cover of frames to hide the blocks of large images inside it. Frames are selected according to 5D hyper-chaotic algorithms and consequently change value of the pixel in the original image depends on it. The secret image will divide into many blocks and hide each block in one frame selected by 5D chaotic. This method will support and enhance the techniques of information security with less time and more capacity of transmission. The results obtained are analyzed under criteria including: Peak signal to noise ratio, Mean square error, keyspace and sensitivity, correlation coefficient, and capacity of hiding. The results demonstrate both of the secret color images and cover video, where retaining its explicitness and properties after reconstruction in the receiver. However, the results prove stability and reliability of the proposed system under several conditions and can avoid attacks.


Large image steganography; 5D hyper-chaotic system; LSB Algorithm; Color image hiding; Image cryptography



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