Optimal backstepping controller for controlling DC motor speed

Layla H. Abood, Bashra Kadhim Oleiwi, Ekbal Hussain Ali


In this paper, squirrel search algorithm (SSA) is adapted to tune the optimal parameters of a backstepping controller for controlling speed in DC motor; Lyapunov stability theorem is applied to derive the control low to achieve system stability analysis. M-file and Simulink platform is used to simulate the response of the system, a comparison with conventional controllers is utilized, all gains are tuned using SSA method and integral time absolute error (ITAE) fitness function to test the efficient performance of the proposed controller also a comparison with other tuned different controllers is done. Transient response analysis is used to validating the proposed controller performance. The simulation results showed a stable response and efficint performance for the proposed controller when compared with the two conventional controllers used by 41.6% for PID controller and by 32% for PI controller in rise time while in settling time is superior by 36.97% for PID controller and by 41.82% for PI controlle these values led for achieving the desired speed in fast and stable response.


Backstepping; DC Motor; Optimization; Squirrel search algorithm

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v11i5.3940


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