Towards classification of images by using block-based CNN

Retaj Matroud Jasim, Tayseer Salman Atia


Image classification is the process of assigning labeling to the input images to a fixed set of categories; however, assigning labels to the image is difficult by using the traditional method because of the large number of images. To solve this problem, we will resort to deep learning techniques. Which is enables computers to recognize and extract visual characteristics. The convolutional neural network (CNN) is a deep neural network used for many purposes, such as image classification, detection, and face recognition, due to its high-performance accuracy in classification and detection tasks. In this paper, we develop CNN based on the transfer learning approach for image classification. The network comprises two types of transfer learning, ResNet and DenseNet, as building blocks of the network with an multilayer perceptron (MLP) classifier. The proposed method does not need to preprocess before these datasets that input into the network. It was train on two datasets: the Cifar-10 and the Sign-Traffic datasets. We conclude that the proposed method achieves the best performance compared with other states of the art. The accuracy gained is 97.45% and 99.45%, respectively, where the proposed CNN increased the accuracy compared to other methods by 3%.


Classifier; Convolutional neural network; DenseNet; Multi-layer perceptron; ResNet

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