Door lock system based on internet of things and Bluetooth by using Raspberry Pi

Khalid Asaad Hashim, Hamzah Hadi Qasim, Abdulwahhab Essa Hamzah, Ola Alkharasani Hasan, Mustafa Al-Jadiri


Recently, there are a large number of smart lock systems that can be used in the workplace or home, but many of them depend on finding an external key, password, fingerprint, and facial recognition, where these systems suffer from weakness as the physical key may be forgotten in a place, the password can be memorized which is hard for some peoples, and the fingerprint system sometimes does not work on people who suffer from chronic diseases, such as people with diabetes and for each of these systems the person needs a free hand so that he/her can open the lock which means that is if the person carries something he/her needs to be placed somewhere. The facial recognition system cannot recognize the person's face when the place has poor lighting. This paper proposes a home door lock system that relies on the internet of things (IoT) technology and portable electronic devices Bluetooth such as a smart mobile using the device Bluetooth media access control (MAC) address as a key and the IoT for monitoring, which leads to a door lock that does not require a free hand. The proposed lock system outcome can be a good candidate for home security applications.


Bluetooth; Internet of things; Media access control; Raspberry Pi; Smart door lock

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