Data-based PID control of flexible joint robot using adaptive safe experimentation dynamics algorithm

Mohd Ashraf Ahmad, Haszuraidah Ishak, Ahmad Nor Kasruddin Nasir, Normaniha Abd Ghani


This paper proposes the data-based PID controller of flexible joint robot based on adaptive safe experimentation dynamics (ASED) algorithm. The ASED algorithm is an enhanced version of SED algorithm where the updated tuning variable is modified to adapt to the change of the objective function. By adopting the adaptive term to the updated equation of SED, it is expected that the convergence accuracy can be further improved. The effectiveness of the ASED algorithm is verified to tune the PID controller of flexible joint robot. In this flexible joint control problem, two PID controllers are utilized to control both rotary angle tracking and vibration of flexible joint robot. The performance of the proposed data-based PID controller is assessed in terms of trajectory tracking of angular motion, vibration reduction and statistical analysis of the pre-defined control objective function. The simulation results showed that the data-based PID controller based on ASED is able to produce better control accuracy than the conventional SED based method.


Data-based control; Flexible mechanism; Model-free method; PID controller; Vibration reduction

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