Optimization, design and control of a photovoltaic/wind turbine/battery system in Mediterranean climate conditions

Nabil Mezzai, Saloua Belaid, Djamila Rekioua, Toufik Rekioua


The goal of this study is to design and optimize a photovoltaic/wind turbine/batteries system. The application is made in the area of Bejaia (Algeria), a Mediterranean region where the solar and wind energy are extremely exploitable in this area due to its geographical location. The total incident energy approach was used to develop the device under consideration. To optimize power, the fuzzy logic control (FLC) is applied and to highlight the benefits of this maximum power point tracking (MPPT) strategy, it was compared to perturb and observe (P and O) method. A power management control has been applied. The findings from the three different days are displayed and analyzed to demonstrate the applicability of the suggested system. The examined system is assessed using the Homer software to demonstrate the best feasible integration of the several sources at the Bejaia location. There has been an increase in renewable power, which is one of the study's key novelty and objectives, so less stress on batteries in a PV/wind system. This is owing to the suggested accurate sizing procedure and to the FLC algorithm. The findings of the suggested study under various solar irradiation and wind speed velocity profiles are presented to demonstrate its applicability.


Batteries; Design; Fuzzy logic control; Optimization; Photovoltaic/wind turbine

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v11i5.3872


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