A tree growth based forward feature selection algorithm for intrusion detection system on convolutional neural network

Mathiyalagan Ramasamy, Pamela Vinitha Eric


With the rapid advancement of networking technologies, security system has become increasingly important to academics from several sectors. Intrusion detection (ID) provides a valuable protection by reducing the human resources required to keep an eye on intruders, improving the efficiency of detecting the various attacks in networks. Machine learning and deep learning are two key areas that have recently received a lot of attention, with a focus on improving the precision of detection classifiers. Using defense anvance research project agency (DARPA”98) datasets, a number of academics and research have developed intrusion detection systems. This paper discusses various approaches developed by different researchers, including scale-hybrid-IDS-AlertNet (SHIA), forward feature selection algorithm (FFSA), modified- mutual information feature selection (MMIFS), deep neural network (DNN), and the holes that remain to be filled, highlighting areas where these procedures can be improved, also are addressed and the proposed approach improved deep convolutional neural network (IDCNN) is compared with existing approach.


DARPA”98 IDS datasets; Deep neural network; Improved deep convolutional neural network; Intrusion detection system

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v12i1.4015


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