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Vol 9, No 1: February 2020

List of Accepted Papers

Table of Contents

Development of fast and accurate algorithm to extract the five parameters of photovoltaic modules
Hisham Haider, Syafrudin Masri, Abdul-Malik H. Y. Saad, Ashraf Bani Ahmad, Tole Sutikno
Experimental Simulation Analysis for Single Phase Transformer Tests
Ali N. Hamoodi, Bashar A. Hammad, Fawaz S. Abdullah
Automated Irrigation System Based on Soil Moisture Using Arduino Board
Safwan A. Hamoodi, Ali N.Hamoodi, Ghanim M.Haydar
Modeling of linear programming for electrical energy generation power plant:an application of economic optimization approach
Sukono Sukono, Sudradjat Supian, Eman Lesmana, Jumadil Saputra, Boy Bagja Nugraha, Abdul Talib bin Bon
An Efficient Feature Selection Algorithm for Health Care Data Analysis
R Mythily, Aisha Banu.W, Dinesh Mavaluru
Image Texture Detection and Extraction based on Entropy and Eigenvectors of growing seeds
Nasrabadi Abbas, Mahdi Vaezi
Solar Fed BLDC Motor Drive for Mixer Grinder Using a Buck Boost Converter
R Shivarudra Swamy, Deekshitha S Nayak
Bacterial Quorum Sensing Applied to the Coordination of Autonomous Robot Swarms
Fredy Martinez, Fernando Martinez, Holman Montiel
Application of phase-metric compensation method for geoelectric control of near-surface geodynamic processes
O. R. Kuzichkin, G. S. Vasilyev, A. V. Grecheneva, E. V. Mikhaleva, M. D. Baknin, D. I. Surzhik
Determination of transient thermal characteristics for thermal electric behavioral models of integrated circuits
A. Yu Drakin, L. A. Potapov, A. N. Shkolin
Adaptive Relaying Protocol (ARP) For Wireless Energy Harvesting and Information Processing In NOMA Systems: Outage Probability Analysis
Phu Tran Tin, Tan N. Nguyen, Tran Thanh Trang
Fabrication of New Ceramics Nanocomposites for Solar energy Storage and Release
Ahmed Hashim Ah-yasari
Design of a Low-Power Compact CMOS Variable Gain Amplifier for Modern RF Receivers
MdMohammad Arif Sobhan Bhuiyan, Mamun Bin Ibne Reaz, Md Torikul Islam Badal, Noorfazila Kamal
Analysis of Texture Features for Wood Defect Classification
Nur Dalila Abdullah, Ummi Raba'ah Hashim, Sabrina Ahmad
Generalized sub band analysis and signal synthesis
Evgeny G. Zhilyakov, Sergei P. Belov, Ivan I. Oleinik, Sergei L. Babarinov, Diana I. Trubitsyna
On the evaluation of noise immunity of different classes of wideband signals
Evgeny G. Zhilyakov, Sergei P. Belov, Andrei S. Belov, Alexander S. Belov, Sergey A. Rachinsky
Synthesis of one-stage signal processing algorithm for space radio navigation receiver
A. I. Perov, I. V. Lipa
A Novel Miniature Coplanar Band-pass Filter for ISM Applications
Design a Compact Square Ring Patch Antenna with AMC for SAR Reduction in WBAN Applications
Abdul Rashid Omar Mumin
Design And Analysis Microstrip Antenna With Reflector To Enhancement Gain For Wireless Communication
ِAli Khalid Jassim
A design of wideband high-power 3-dB quadrature coupler using defected ground structure for status data transmitting system
Nguyen Dinh The Anh, Hoang Duc Long, Bach Gia Duong, Dragos Dancila
Performance Evaluation for Outdoor Wireless Scenarios Based on IEEE 802.11b/g in the Presence of Co-channel Interference
Michael Santiago Simba, Roman Alcides Lara
Implementation of an IoT based Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Framework
Rafizah Ab Rahman, Ummi Raba'ah Hashim, Sabrina Ahmad
Using queuing theory to describe adaptive mathematical models of computing systems with resource virtualization and its verification
Martyshkin Alexey Ivanovich, Pashchenko Dmitry Vladimirovich, Trokoz Dmitry Anatolievich, Sinev Mihail Petrovich
Adoption of technology on e-learning effectiveness
Zarina Denan, Zarina Abdul Munir, Rahayu A. Razak, Kardina Kamaruddin, Veera Pandiyan Kaliani Sundram
Application of fuzzy logic in order to plan and create software for converting sound to text
Hiwa Hasanzadeh, Jafar Majidpour
Application of deep learning to enhance the accuracy of intrusion detection in modern computer networks
Jafar Majidpour, Hiwa Hasanzadeh
Deep Stair Walking Detection Using Wearable Inertial Sensor via Long Short-Term Memory Network
Wei Nie Gan, Nurul Fathiah Ghazali, Norazman Shahar, Muhammad Amir As'ari
PHP Modernization Approach : Generating KDM Models from PHP Legacy Code
Amine Moutaouakkil, Samir Mbarki
Outage Probability Analysis of EH NOMA System Network over Rayleigh Fading Channel Using Selection Combining at the Receiver
Phu Tran Tin, Minh Tran, Tran Thanh Trang
Exploiting Direct Link in EH BasedTwo-Way DF Half-Duplex Relaying Network:Outage Probability Analysis
Phu Tran Tin, Minh Tran, Tran Thanh Trang
Distribution and Monitoring Automation of Schedule-based Irrigation Integrated with a Mobile Application
Aulia Naufal Afif, Fiftin Noviyanto, Sunardi Sunardi, Son Ali Akbar, Eko Aribowo
System architecture to select the charging station by optimizing the travel time considering the destination of electric vehicle drivers in smart cities
Ibrahim El-fedany, Driss Kiouach, Rachid Alaoui
Optimization of Indonesian telematics SMES cluster: industry 4.0 challenge
Eneng Tita Tosida, Irfan Wahyudin, Fredi Andria, Apri Diana Sanurbi, Atik Wartini
Millennials and the use of social networking sites as a job searching tool
Zarina Denan, Zarina Abdul Munir, Nurul Hazzira Fadzil, Kardina Kamaruddin, Mohd Redhuan Dzulkifli
Search for a substring of characters using the theory of non-deterministic finite automata and vector-character architecture
Pashchenko Dmitry Vladimirovich, Trokoz Dmitry Anatolievich, Martyshkin Alexey Ivanovich, Sinev Mihail Petrovich, Svistunov Boris Lvovich
Information processing in info-communication media of geodynamic monitoring on the basis of adaptive queuing system
O. R. Kuzichkin, V. T. Eremenko, I. V. Loginov, A. V. Grecheneva, A. V. Eremenko, N. V. Dorofeev
Development of Vocabulary Learning Application by Using Machine Learning Technique
Noor Mohd Ariff Brahin, Haslinah Mohd Nasir, Aiman Zakwan Jidin, Mohd Faizal Zulkifli, Tole Sutikno
Discovering Rules for Nursery Students using Apriori Algorithm
Mohammad Marufuzzaman, Dipta Gomes, Aneem Al Ahsan Rupai, Lariyah Mohd Sidek
Reduction the electric field effect generated by high voltage on fiber optic cables using metal shielding
Izz K. Abboud, Shahir F. Nawaf, Mohammed H. Dervish

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