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Vol 10, No 1: February 2021

List of Accepted Papers (with minor revisions)
Each paper requires minor changes for it to be accepted. Editors will go through the revisions and gives a final approval. However, it is good to remember that "this status decision" does not guarantee acceptance. The paper will be accepted only if the editors are satisfied with the changes made.

Table of Contents

Statistical analysis of air-conditioning and total load diversity in typical residential buildings
Naja Aqilah Hisham, Sheikh Ahmad Zaki, Aya Hagishima, Fitri Yakub, Hafizah Farhah Saipan Saipol
Optimal tuning of a wind plant energy production based on improved grey wolf optimizer
Mohd Zaidi Mohd Tumari, Mohd Muzaffar Zahar, Mohd Ashraf Ahmad
Single event latch-up (SEL) detection for nano-satellite external solar radiation mitigation system
Norsuzila Yaa’cob, Muhammad Fauzan Ayob, Noraisyah Tajudin, Murizah Kassim, Azita Laily Yusof
Enhancing reliability of electricity supply of city electric networks cities of dushanbe
Alexander Ivanovich Sidorov, Saidjon Tavarov
Design of 4-stage Marx Generator Using Gas Discharge Tube
Wijono Wijono, Zainul Abidin, Waru Djuriatno, Eka Maulana, Nola Ribath
Behavioral studies of surge protection components
Teik Hua Kuan, Kuew Wai Chew, Kein Huat Chua
An optimal placement of phasor measurement unit using new sensitivity indices
K. Khalid, Ahmad Asrul Ibrahim, N. A. M. Kamari, M. H. M. Zaman
Robot control and kinematic analysis with 6DoF manipulator using direct kinematic method
Khalaf S Gaeid, Asaad F Nashee, Ibrahim A Ahmed, Mohammed H Dekheel
Data-based PID control of flexible joint robot using adaptive safe experimentation dynamics algorithm
Mohd Ashraf Ahmad, Haszuraidah Ishak, Ahmad Nor Kasruddin Nasir, Normaniha Abd Ghani
Mobile ad-hoc network routing protocols of time-critical events for search and rescue missions
Marwan Hamid Hassan, Salama A. Mostafa, Hairulnizam Mahdin, Aida Mustapha, Azizul Azhar Ramli, Mustafa Hamid Hassan, Mohammed Ahmed Jubair
Cyclic voltammetry readout circuitry for DNA biosensor application
I. H. Hamzah, A. A. Malik, A. F. A. Rahim, Z. H. C. Soh
Wireless sensor network calibration technique for low-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle localization in paddy field
Azhar Jaafar, Norashikin M. Thamrin, Noorolpadzilah Mohamed Zan
Integration of LED-based lighting in academic buildings for energy efficiency considerations
Mohamad Zhafran Hussin, Saiful Firdaus Abdul Shukor, Nor Diyana Md Sin, Yusrina Yusof, Muhammad Zairil Muhammad Nor, Noor Hasliza Abdul Rahman
An enhanced fireworks algorithm to generate prime key for multiple users in fingerprinting domain
Hussein Ali Ismael, Jamal Mustafa Abbas, Salama A. Mostafa, Ali Hussein Fadel
Generation of High Dynamic Range for Enhancing the Panorama Environment
Roa'a M. Al_airaji, Ibtisam A. Aljazaery, Suha Kamal Al_Dulaimi, Haider TH.Salim Alrikabi
Correlation of learning disabilities to porn addiction based on EEG
Norhaslinda Kamaruddin, Nurul Izzati Mat Razi, Abdul Wahab
Traid-bit embedding process on arabic text steganography method
Roshidi Din, Reema Ahmed Thabit, Nur Izura Udzir, Sunariya Utama
Deblurring of noisy iris images in iris recognition
Shahrizan Jamaludin, Nasharuddin Zainal, W Mimi Diyana W Zaki
Statistical survey and comprehensive review on human skin detection
Hussein Ali Hussein Al Naffakh, Rozaida Ghazali, Nidhal Khdhair El Abbadi
A review of human skin detection applications based on image processing
Hussein Ali Hussein Al Naffakh, Rozaida Ghazali, Nidhal Khdhair El Abbadi
A Novel Technique for Speech Encryption Based on K-Means Clustering and Quantum Chaotic Map
amal hameed khaleel, Iman Qays Abduljaleel
3D reconstruction using convolution smooth method
Sofyan Arifianto, Hardianto Wibowo, Wildan Suharso, Raditya Novidianto, Agus Eko Minarno, Dani Harmanto
A Study on Edge Preserving Filter in Image Matching
Rostam Affendi Hamzah, A.F. Kadmin, S. F. A. Gani, K. A. Aziz, T. M. F. T. Wook, N. Mohamood, M. G. Y. Wei
An improved age invariant face recognition using data augmentation
Kennedy Okokpujie, Samuel John, Charles Ndujiuba, Joke Badejo, Etinosa Noma-Osaghae
DEH-DoSv6: A defendable security model against IPv6 extension headers denial of service attack
Marlon A. Naagas, Alvin R. Malicdem, Thelma D. Palaoag
Development of patch stack antenna for CP-SAR sensor
Muhammad Fauzan Edy Purnomo, Vita Kusumasari, Rusmi Ambarwati, Sigit Kusmaryanto, Sholeh Hadi Pramono, Dwi Fadila Kurniawan, Akio Kitagawa
Analyzing bit error rate of relay sensors selection in wireless cooperative communication systems
Ahmed Allawy Alawady, Ahmed Alkhayyat, Mohammed Ahmed Jubair, Mustafa Hamid Hassan, Salama A. Mostafa
BPF comparison of hairpin line and square open-loop resonator method
Yuyun Siti Rohmah, Budi Prasetya, Dwi Andi Nurmantris, Sarah Mulyawati, Reza Dipayana
Effect of the Defected Microstrip Structure Shapes on the Performance of Dual-band Bandpass Filter for Wireless Communications
Mussa Mabrok, Zahriladha Zakaria, Yully Masrukin, Tole Sutikno, Hussein Alsariera
Employing Non-orthogonal Multiple Access Scheme in UAV-Based Wireless Networks
Dinh-Thuan Do, Chi-Bao Le
A Review of Website Evaluation Using Web Diagnostic Tools and Data Envelopment Analysis
Hassan Najadat, Amer Al-Badarneh, Sawsan Alodibat
The Best Discretization Method on Bayesian Network in Disaster
Devni Prima Sari, Dedi Rosadi, Adhitya Ronnie Effendie, Danardono Danardono
Signature PSO: A novel inertia weight adjustment using fuzzy signature for LQR tuning
Achmad Komarudin, Novendra Setyawan, Leonardo Kamajaya, Mas Nurul Achmadiah, Zulfatman Has
Implementation of vehicle ventilation system using nodemcu ESP8266 for remote monitoring
Amirun Murtaza Abd Jalil, Roslina Mohamad, Nuzli Mohamad Anas, Murizah Kassim, Saiful Izwan Suliman
Visualizing stemming techniques on online news articles text analytics
Nurul Atiqah Razmi, Muhammad Zharif Zamri, Sharifah Syafiera Syed Ghazalli, Noraini Seman
Towards An Objective Comparison of Feature Extraction Techniques for Automatic Speaker Recognition Systems
Reconfiguration Layers of Convolutional Neural Network for Fundus Patches Classification
Wahyudi Setiawan, Moh. Imam Utoyo, Riries Rulaningtyas
An Efficient Apriori algorithm for Frequent Pattern Mining using MapReduce in Healthcare Data
Seifedine Kadry
Enhancement of Digital Signature Algorithm in Bitcoin Wallet
farah Jass Jasim
Review on feature-based method performance in text steganography
Mohd Hilal Muhammad, Hanizan Shaker Hussain, Roshidi Din, Hafiza Samad, Sunariya Utama
Analyzing the impact of the number of nodes on the performance of the routing protocols in MANET environment
Hussein M. Haglan, Salama A. Mostafa, Noor Zuraidin Mohd Safar, Aida Mustapha, Mohd. Zainuri Saringatb, Hosam Alhakami, Wajdi Alhakami
Multischeme feedforward artificial neural network architecture for DDoS attack detection
Arif Wirawan Muhammad, Cik Feresa Mohd Foozy, Kamaruddin Malik
Selection of Optimal Hyperparameter Values of Support Vector Machine for Sentiment Analysis Tasks Using Nature-Inspired Optimisation Methods
Seifedine Kadry
Research trends review on RSA scheme of asymmetric cryptography techniques
Mohd Saiful Adli Mohamad, Roshidi Din, Jasmin Ilyani Ahmad
“Scrumbear” framework for solving traditional scrum model problems
Leanah Alsaber, Ebtesam Al Elsheikh, Sarah Aljumah, Nor Shahida Mohd Jamail
Radio Frequency Peak and Average Power Density from Cellular Mobile Base Stations in Ekiti State, Nigeria
Ilesanmi Oluwafemi, Deji Faluru, Dunni FemiJemilohun, Tayo Dorcas Obasanya
A Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision-Making method for Purchasing Life Insurance in India
Vicente Garcia Diaz
Temperature monitoring using polymer optical fiber with integration to the Internet of Things
Hazura Haroon, Siti Khadijah Idris, Anis Suhaila Mohd Zain, Hanim Abdul Razak, Fauziyah Salehuddin
What affects digitalization process in developing economies? an evidence from SMEs sector in Oman
Mansour Naser Alraja, Muawya Ahmed Hussein, Hanaa Mahmoud Sid Ahmed
Analyzing sentiment system to specify polarity by lexicon-based
Dhafar Hamed Abd, Ayad R. Abbas, Ahmed T. Sadiq
Learning jawi using multi-maker augmented reality
Siti Hasnah Tanalol, Dinna N. Mohd Nizam, Zaidatol Haslinda Abdullah Sani, Aslina Baharum, Asni Tahir, Iznora Aini Zolkifly
Linear discriminate analysis and K-nearest neighbor based diagnostic analytic of harmonic source identification
M.H. Jopri, A.R. Abdullah, M. Manap, M. B. N. Shah, T. Sutikno, J. Too
Spell corrector for Bangla language using Norvig’s Algorithm and Jaro-Winkler distance
Istiak Ahamed, Maliha Jaan, Zarin Tasnim, Tajbia Karim, S. M. Salim Reza, Dilshad Ara Hossain
A Symbolic Contour Representation of Shape for Recognition and Retrieval
Ali Taheri Anaraki, Usman Ullah Sheikh
Classification of texture using random box counting and binarization methods
Wijdan Jaber AL-kubaisy, Maha Mahmood

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