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Vol 9, No 2: April 2020

Table of Contents

Modelling and simulation of online partial discharge measurement for medium voltage power cable PDF
A. Z. Abdullah, M. Isa, M. N. K. H. Rohani, H. A. Hamid, M. H. Amlus, N. Azizan 427-435
Increasing the required slip range of wound induction generator in wind power systems PDF
Ali Dalabeeh, Al-Mofleh Anwar, Tariq M. Younes, Ayman Al-Rawashdeh, Ayman Hindi 436-442
Study of yeast and sugar in bio-energy generation PDF
Teng Howe Cheng, B. C. Kok, C. Uttraphan, M. H. Yee 443-451
Induction motor harmonic reduction using space vector modulation algorithm PDF
Yassine Zahraoui, Mohamed Akherraz, Chaymae Fahassa, Sara Elbadaoui 452-465
Remote reading of electricity meters using PLC PDF
Negin Ahmadi, Zahra Khajenasir Jahromi 466-472
Recognition of sign language hand gestures using leap motion sensor based on threshold and ANN models PDF
Muhammad Ilhamdi Rusydi, Syafii Syafii, Rizka Hadelina, Elmiyasna Kimin, Agung W. Setiawan, Andrivo Rusydi 473–483
Effect of DC voltage source on the voltage and current of transmitter and receiver coil of 2.5 kHz wireless power transfer PDF
A. H. Butar-Butar, J. H. Leong, M. Irwanto 484–491
Visual analytics of 3D LiDAR point clouds in robotics operating systems PDF
Alia Mohd Azri, Shuzlina Abdul-Rahman, Raseeda Hamzah, Zalilah Abd Aziz, Nordin Abu Bakar 492–499
Development of integrated loose fruit collector machine for oil palm plantations PDF
Mohd Zulfahmi Mohd Yusoff, A. Zamri, M. Z. A. Abd Kadir, W. Z. Wan Hassan, N. Azis 500–506
Need analysis for the development of a microcontroller instructional module programming literacy PDF
Yusriza Mohamd Yusof, Afida Ayob, Mohamad Hanif Md Saad, Haryanti Mohd Affandi, Aini Hussain 507–513
A prosthetic limb managed by sensors-based electronic system: Experimental results on amputees PDF
F. Gaetani, R. de Fazio, G. A. Zappatore, P. Visconti 514–524
Enhanced sliding mode controller performance in DC-DC buck converter using a tan hyperbolic reaching law and constant plus proportional reaching law PDF
Siddesh K. B., Basavaraja Banakara, R. Shivarudraswamy 525–532
An alternative approaches to predict flashover voltage on polluted outdoor insulators using artificial intelligence techniques PDF
Ali. A. Salem, Rahisham Abd Rahman, M. S. Kamarudin, N. A. Othman, N. A. M. Jamail, H. A. Hamid, M. T. Ishak 533–541
Grey wolf optimizer for identification of liquid slosh behavior using continuous-time hammerstein model PDF
Mohd Ashraf Ahmad, Zulkifli Musa, Mohd Helmi Suid, Mohd Zaidi Mohd Tumari 542–549
Recognition of vehicle make and model in low light conditions PDF
Aymen Fadhil Abbas, Usman Ullah Sheikh, Mohd Norzali Haji Mohd 550–557
Corona fault detection in switchgear with extreme learning machine PDF
Sanuri Ishak, Siaw-Paw Koh, Jian-Ding Tan, Sieh-Kiong Tiong, Chai-Phing Chen 558–564
Security issues and framework of electronic medical record: A review PDF
Jibril Adamu, Raseeda Hamzah, Marshima Mohd Rosli 565–572
Analysis review on spatial and transform domain technique in digital steganography PDF
Farah Qasim Ahmed Alyousuf, Roshidi Din, Alaa Jabbar Qasim 573–581
Mel-log energies analysis of authentic audible intrusion activities in a Malaysian forest PDF
Amirul Sadikin Md Afendi, Marina Yusoff, Megawati Omar 582–587
Review on automated follicle identification for polycystic ovarian syndrome PDF
A A Nazarudin, Noraishikin Zulkarnain, A. Hussain, S. S. Mokri, I. N. A. M. Nordin 588–593
Reliability study on the adaptation of Dijkstra’s algorithm for gateway KLIA2 indoor navigation PDF
K. A. F. A. Samah, A. A. Sharip, I. Musirin, N. Sabri, M. H. Salleh 594–601
Review on techniques and file formats of image compression PDF
Alaa Jabbar Qasim, Roshidi Din, Farah Qasim Ahmed Alyousuf 602–610
Investigation of white blood cell biomaker model for acute lymphoblastic leukemia detection based on convolutional neural network PDF
Syadia Nabilah Mohd Safuan, Mohd Razali Md Tomari, Wan Nurshazwani Wan Zakaria, Mohd Norzali Hj Mohd, Nor Surayahani Suriani 611–618
Recognition of brain cancer and cerebrospinal fluid due to the usage of different MRI image by utilizing support vector machine PDF
Soobia Saeed, Afnizanfaizal Abdullah 619–625
A new approach for impedance matching rotman lens using defected ground structure PDF
Mohammed K. Al-Obaidi, Ezri Mohd, Noorsaliza Abdullah, Samsul Haimi Dahlan 626–634
A comparative study of different imputation methods for daily rainfall data in east-coast Peninsular Malaysia PDF
Siti Mariana Che Mat Nor, Shazlyn Milleana Shaharudin, Shuhaida Ismail, Nurul Hila Zainuddin, Mou Leong Tan 635–643
A 28 GHz high efficiency fully integrated 0.18 µm combined CMOS power amplifier using power divider technique for 5G millimeter-wave applications PDF
A. F. Hasan, S. A. Z. Murad, F. A. Bakar, T. Z. A. Zulkifli 644–651
Design and analysis microstrip antenna with reflector to enhancement gain for wireless communication PDF
ِAli Khalid Jassim, Raad H. Thaher 652-660
Mapping a hospital using OpenStreetMap and Graphhopper: A navigation system PDF
K. A. F. A. Samah, S. Ibrahim, N. Ghazali, M. Suffian, M. Mansor, W. A. Latif 661–668
Impact of twisting rate in 10 pairs of unshielded twisted-pair copper cables on insertion loss and crosstalk coupling for G.fast technology PDF
Saizalmursidi Md Mustam, Mohammad Arif Ilyas, Muhammad Syukri Mohd Yazed, Che Ku Afifah Che Ku Alam 669–675
A wearable UHF RFID tag antenna-based metamaterial for biomedical applications PDF
Abdelhadi Ennajih, Badr Nasiri, Jamal Zbitou, Ahmed Errkik, Mohamed Latrach 676-684
An effective transmit packet coding with trust-based relay nodes in VANETs PDF
Omar A. Hammood, Mohd Nizam Mohmad Kahar, Waleed A. Hammood, Raed Abdulkareem Hasan, Mostafa Abdulghfoor Mohammed, Ayoob A. Yoob, Tole Sutikno 685-697
Throughput in cooperative wireless networks PDF
Diego Armando Giral Ramirez, Cesar Hernandez, Fredy Martinez 698-706
Comparison study of 8-PPM, 8-DPIM, and 8-RDH-PIM modulator FPGA hardware design in term of bandwidth efficiency and transmission rate PDF
M. A. Ilyas, Maisara Othman, Rahmat Talib, R. Yahya, M. Yaacob, S. M. Mustam, M. B. Jaafar, C. B. M. Rashidi 707-715
Shielding effectiveness measurement of cement-graphite block in between 3.8 GHz to 6 GHz PDF
S. L. Yeoh, S. K. Yee, N. T. J. Ong, S. H. Dahlan, C. K. Sia 716-721
The need of gamified assessment for engaging learning experience PDF
Norhusyairi Hawari, Nurul Hidayah Mat Zain, Aslina Baharum 722-728
Control and indicating equipment communicating via the peripheral component interconnect express bus PDF
Vaclav Mach, Milan Adámek, Jan Valouch, Karla Barčová 729-738
Dynamic navigation indoor map using Wi-Fi fingerprinting mobile technology PDF
Srie Azrina Zulkiflie, Norhaslinda Kamaruddin, Abdul Wahab 739-746
CPU implementation using only logisim simulator to achieve computer architecture learning outcome PDF
Mochammad Hannats Hanafi Ichsan, Wijaya Kurniawan 747-754
Missing data exploration in air quality data set using R-package data visualisation tools PDF
Shamihah Muhammad Ghazali, Norshahida Shaadan, Zainura Idrus 755-763
Analysis review on feature-based and word-rule based techniques in text steganography XML
Farah Qasim Ahmed Alyousuf, Roshidi Din 764-770
Cheap vs healthy: Analyzing McDonald’s menu using linear programming PDF
Nur Fadhilah Ibrahim, Thurga Dewi Arunasalan, Nurul Akmal Mohamed 771-776
A lightweight security scheme for advanced metering infrastructures in smart grid PDF
S. M. Salim Reza, Afida Ayob, Md Murshedul Arifeen, Nowshad Amin, Mohd Hanif Md Saad, Aini Hussain 777-784
Implementation of face and eye detection on DM6437 board using simulink model PDF
B. Vijayalaxmi, Kaushik Sekaran, N. Neelima, P. Chandana, Maytham N. Meqdad, Seifedine Kadry 784-791
A GUI-driven prototype for synthesizing self-adaptation decision PDF
Azlan Ismail, Susanti Intu, Suzana Zambri 792-800
Approximate instantneous current in RLC circuit PDF
Saumya Ranjan Jena, Damayanti Nayak 801-807
Key strategic issues pharmaceutical industry of SCM: A systematic literature review PDF
Erick Fernando, Meyliana Meyliana, Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars, Edi Abdurachman 808-817
Evaluation of positive emotion in children mobile learning application PDF
Magrizef Gasah, Aslina Baharum, Nurul Hidayah Mat Zain, Suhaida Halamy, Rozita Hanapi, Noorsidi Aizuddin Mat Noor 818-826
Social networking mobile apps framework for organizing and facilitating charitable and voluntary activities in Malaysia PDF
Salama A. Mostafa, Aida Mustapha, Palaniappan Shamala, Omar Ibrahim Obaid, Bashar Ahmed Khalaf 827-833
Formulations for joint order picking problems in low-level picker-to-part systems PDF
Jose Alejandro Cano 834-842
Introduction to inmarsat broadband global area network for mobile backbone networks PDF
Stojce Dimov Ilcev 843-852

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